Organic Plant Superfood Dry Formula 15-2-5


High Voltage Tea

  • Premium organic plant-food, dry-powder concentrate; composed of fish protein and Amino Acids (80%).
  • Easily absorbable nutrition for plants.
  • Water soluble.
  • Won’t clog drip irrigation lines.
  • Won’t burn plant leaf tissue (low salt content), feed plants only as recommended.
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor growing.
  • Effective for foliar or root drench feeding.
  • Can be used in raised bed gardens, potted plants, aeroponic and hydroponic systems.
  • Can be used from seed to harvest.
  • Effective nutrition for fruits and vegetables, flowers, shrubs, trees, cacti and turf.
  • Root accelerator and flavor enhancer.

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Organic Plant Superfood 15-2-5

Organic Plant and Soil Nutrients Original Dry Formula

Dry Cod Protein, Kelp, Potash, Mint Scent (80% Amino Acids)

Amal Organic Plant and Soil Nutrients Dry Formula contain everything to organically feed your plants. Our organic plant nutrients are easy for your plants to absorb and use. Our Organic Plant Nutrients help plants to obtain unequaled results, keeping them strong and healthy. We make Organic Plant Growing easy, using only one product from seed to harvest!

Amal Organic Plant and Soil Nutrients Dry Formula is a custom-blended, protein-rich organic nutrition system loaded with the finest vitamins, minerals and amino acids from the safest organic sources. This is a complete plant food that nourishes stronger, healthier and larger plants; creating heavier fruits and vegetables.

This single-stage product feeds the plant through a blend of premium ingredients, exclusively selected to assure outstanding results. Our premium fish hydrolysate protein and amino acids do it all in one.

The plant rapidly absorbs the protein and amino acids through the stomata in the stems and leaves, providing complete nourishment to the plant. Plants can absorb nutrients 50 % – 60% more effectively through foliar feeding than through traditional root drench feeding.
Our dry nutrient is 80% pure short chain amino acids. By introducing a ready source of available amino acids, the plant can save energy on bio synthetic processes and can then dedicate its energy to better plant development during critical growth stages.Easy to use at all stages of plant development (seeds to harvest).
Mix Amal Organic Plant and Soil Nutrients Dry Formula with de-chlorinated/filtered water in different concentrations, depending on the plant-grow- stage.
Use this product as a foliar feed.
This product works ideally with aeroponic growing systems.This Organic Plant and Soil Nutrients Dry Formula increases the strength and disease resistance of plants, guaranteed!

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