Organic Grower Kit


Our Organic Plant Growing System Kit

  • Individual pre-measured packets for both foliar and root drench feeding of plants from seed to harvest
  • DRY FORMULA composed of dried fish protein and Amino Acids (80%). Effective method of feeding plants through foliar feeding or root drench feeding (plants absorb 50%-60% more nutrition through foliar feeding)
  • WET FORMULA composed of liquid fish protein, Amino Acids (15%) and Bacillus. Effective method of feeding plants through foliar feeding or root drench feeding. Breaks down organic matter in soil; provides slow release of absorbable nutrients lasting up to 15 weeks
  • BLOOM SUPERCHARGER FORMULA composed of food grade phosphorous and potassium. Effective method of feeding plants through foliar feeding or root drench feeding; enhances bud formation and provides nutrition in final stages of bloom cycle of plants.
  • Complete nutrition for plants and soil; will not clog drip irrigation lines
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor growing, foliar feeding or root drench feeding, raised bed gardens, potted plants, aeroponics, fertigation systems, hydroponics and all growing from seed to harvest.
  • Beneficial for fruits and vegetables, flowers, shrubs, trees and turf.


Organic Plant Growing System – Master Grower Kit

Have little to no experience in growing, but want to grow like the pros?

Amal organic plant growing system kit is the optimal way to maximize results for the grower, providing the very best organic nutrients to feed your plants through both soil/root drench and foliar feeding.

Amal organic plant growing system kit also transforms the inert organic matter in your soil/growing medium into nitrogen-rich, slow-release nutrients feeding your plants for up to 15 weeks.

Amal organic plant growing system kit turns the novice grower into a master grower. The wet and dry products are pre-measured to keep the feeding of your plants simple and easy. A feeding schedule is also provided, so you always know where you are in your growing cycle.

Foliar feeding your plants with the dry product will show immediate and visible results. Being 80% pure short chain amino acids, the introduction of this ready source of available, absorbable food helps the plant save energy on other bio-synthetic processes, so it can dedicate its energy to better plant development. Absorption of nutrients through the stomata in the leaves and stems is 50%-60% more effective than through the roots.
Your plants will get the nutrition they need with Amal organic plant growing system kit, immediately!
The wet product will feed your plants and the soil your plants live in. Composed of 13-15% pure short chain amino acids, its introduction to your soil and plants roots nourishes both while creating the optimal growing environment. In addition, the inclusion of our activated bacillus into your soil/growing medium will transform the inert organic matter into a slow-release/nitrogen-rich food, your plants will absorb over the next 15 weeks.
  • Easy to use at all stages of plant development (seeds to harvest).
  • Mix Amal Gold Organic Plant Growing System Kit with de-chlorinated/filtered water in different concentrations, depending on the plant-grow-stage.
  • Use this product as a foliar feed & root drench.
  • This product works ideally with soil, coco or aeroponic growing systems.

This organic plant growing system kit provides the most complete nutritional tools for your most successful grow!

Root Drench Insects, mold and fungus can rob your plants of their vitality, stunting their growth and killing them, in some cases. Pests feed like vampires off the nutritious sap from your plants. If the pest infestation is large enough, it can kill off your plant. Piercing mouth parts of insects drain the vascular system of your plants and introduce plant viruses that can be lethal.
Some organic farmers lose up to 25% of their harvest to these
pests for lack of an organic product to combat the onslaught.
Pest attacks can come through the soil or by the leaves and stems. We recommend being prepared for both.
Know your enemy as you know yourself.
This famous phrase, from the Art of War, should be your mantra when dealing with pests. Make preparations, know the enemy’s weaknesses and then act swiftly to protect your plants from their ravages.
GURKHA ORGANIC BUG KILLER is an organic blend of essential oils. It is derived from plants, breaks down quickly in the environment and can be used any time of the year, all the way up to harvest. The toxicity is minimal and it quickly dissipates through evaporation, leaving little residue.
GURKHA ORGANIC BUG KILLER poses no risk to plants, pets,
people and beneficial insects. We are Lady Bug and Honey Bee safe!
Soft body insects breathe through air-holes (spiracles) in their exo-skeleton. Foliar spraying the insects, their larvae, and their eggs directly and thoroughly with GURKHA ORGANIC BUG KILLER/FOLIAR FORMULA blocks the air-holes by which they breathe, causing them to die from asphyxiation.
GURKHA ORGANIC BUG KILLER/ROOT DRENCH FORMULA accomplishes the same objective in the soil. The insects, larvae and the eggs of the pests suffer the same fate: death by suffocation. Sucking insects, mealy bugs, thrips, mites, spider mites, aphids, white fly, lace bugs, leaf hoppers and other soft bodied insects can be effectively neutralized and your plants can get back to growing.
The organic blend of oils in our organic bug killer also traps and neutralizes mold and fungal infestations. The acidity of the oil blend kills the mold and fungus while the consistency of the oil itself controls the spread of mold and fungal spores. GURKHA ORGANIC BUG KILLER effectively handles the threat from powdery mildew, black spot, rust and scales leaving your plants free to get back to growing.
Knowing the threats to your plants beforehand and making preparations to eliminate those threats is the job of the strategic grower. Anything less can cost you your time, harvest, money and be the difference between success and failure in your growing endeavors.
GURKHA ORGANIC BUG KILLER is the right choice for both the strategic and the conscientious grower.

Active Ingredients
Sesame Oil …5.0%
Clove Oil …2.0%
Rosemary Oil … 2.0%
Vegetable Oil …91%